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Project Description:

Our firm offers the versatile range of style to all types of complexes. Our design always harmonizes with the surrounding by creating social milieu with the natural environment. We understand the value of the modern trend in the society so we capture the modern trend through our innovative design which meets the modernization with magnificent creativity.

Residential Architecture:

The proper amalgamation of both exterior and interior design concept can ameliorate any unpleasant space into the elegant as well as cozy space. Considering this fact, we provide our service to convert the client‘s dreams into their reality.
Our creative expertise is apt at selecting the apposite design at any location which reflects the image of the owner. We work intimately with our clients to understand their specific requirements which provide the guidelines to our experts to transform a house into a home full of dreams and pacific ambience.

Some of our Residential Architecture Projects are:
• Mr. Jamling Gurung at Swayambhu
• Mr. Yadav Gurung at Sitapaila
• Captain. Bijaya Tandukar
• Mr. Devraj Rajbhandari at Dhapashi
• Mr. Keshav at Lazimpat
• Mr Rupak Rajbanshi at Banasthali
• Mr. Ram Pradhan at Dhapashi
• Mrs. Sushma Rana at Bhatbhateni
• Mr. Shamsher Kumar Shrestha at Dillibazar
• Mrs. Rajshri Rana at Chandol

Apartments and Housing Architecture:

In today's context the concept of apartment and housing are most popular among everyone as these complexes are built to meet the strategy of people from different walks of life. For this purpose we offer the splendid form that bind the interior as well as exterior with wide range of comfort and luxury which can definitely turn the client's dream into the reality one. As far as concerned with the style we always try to generate the various range of style that is most appropriate in your site.
Our firm highly concern on the quality rather than quantity so we never compromise in our design for acquiring outstanding result. Modern design and requisite are prime concerned that we always kept in our mind while designing your apartment as well as housing. We use the modern amenities to meet the demand of the modern society meanwhile it also creates the comfort to the user.

Some of our Housing Projects are:
• Lhasa housing at Lhasa, Tibet
• Sita Home for Sita Home Housing And Developing at Sitapaila

Commercial Architecture:

We offer highly sophisticate commercial design that is apposite in any location. We try to give completely new as well as relevant form to the commercial spaces which can easily catch the eyes of everyone. Through our creativity we make your commercial spaces as more commercial one by comprising the definite spaces for office, shops, restaurant, and e.t.c. We consider time factor as well as relevant design while designing the commercial spaces in order to achieve the excellent result.


The appease ambience is one of the important factor in any office building in order to augment the working efficiency of the staff. Thus the office complex should be designed in such a way that, it not only try to enhance the aesthetic value of the interior meanwhile it also tries to create the conciliate atmosphere within the interior. Through our creative design we try to bind the comfort as well as aesthetic value within interior which can definitely accrete the working efficiency of the staffs. Throughout our design we seriously take care about all the office spaces and we try to put soul in all the dead spaces. The comfortable furniture and spacious cupboard to store the files are some of the vital things that we always incorporate in our interior designing to comprise the vivacious spaces.

Waiting area

Reception is the first space which is observed by visitors at the first sight. Thus reception is one of the spaces in any office complex which silently introduce their office's atmosphere to the visitors. Considering this fact, we try to generate cozy as well as marvelous spaces for reception as well as waiting area. In order to wane the fatigue of the visitor, we try to create the focal point within the interior space of the waiting area. Amazing décor, appropriate lighting system as well as sound knowledge in choosing the attractive furniture in reception and waiting area are the major points that we incorporate while designing these spaces.


Staff is the integral part of an organization hence their comfort is one of the prime concerns that we always give priority in our creation. To meet this strategy we create the spacious spaces with the versatile range of finest as well as comfortable design within the interior. The space for all the staff is allocated on the basis of the size of the office complex as well as number of the staff using the same cabin while working.

Some of our Commercial Projects are
• Manang Plaza at Thamel
• Commercial complex for Mr. Dil Sundar Shrestha, at New Baneswor
• Boudha Complex, Boudha Carpet Factory, Jorpati
• Commercial complex for Ms. Meena Maharjan, at Kalimati
• Commercial complex for Chysal youth Club , at Chysal

Educational Institutions Architecture:

The appropriate interior designing concept is one of the best solutions to generate soothing ambience within the institutional complex. In order to satiate the students we profoundly think about the interior spaces and we extract the best solution for it. Through our creativity we accomplish comfort and pacific atmosphere within the institutional complex. We provide our services in this sector by creating complete building design as well as providing complete services besides finishing and furnishing of the space.

Some of our Educational Architecture Project is:

• School complex for Mr. Kumar Dongol at Dallu

We offer services like:-


Designing is such a paper work, which later on takes the shape of a concrete building. We take dimensions of your site & make a layout depicting the placement of furniture and partitions. Once we know the layout we work towards designing individual rooms or cabins. This includes flooring, ceiling, walls highlighting and furniture designs. Once the designs are finalized, working drawing of all requisites is given which will include all details pertaining to flooring, furniture, electrical, plumbing, ceiling & paint job.


We assist you in finding your building problems and we satiate you with apposite solution to your building problem. We also guide you in material selection and its uses within your entire complex. We offer a list of material to opt you for your complex. The purchase is done directly from the market. We are ready to work with your labor to provide them guidelines for construction or we can also introduce separate team e.g. Carpenter, POP, plumber etc. throughout the construction. The negotiation and payment is direct in this case. In total, we try to keep our business transparent so that at the end you actually know where every hard earned penny has been spent.


Supervision is as and when required. It is not on daily basis. We have our own supervisors who as per requirement visit the site to check the quality of work in progress & also assist the labor to give instruction while constructing the complex. Besides, checking of bills of quantities of works, construction qualities are also done by our firm.