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We offer services like:-


Designing is such a paper work, which later on takes the shape of a concrete building. We take dimensions of your site & make a layout depicting the placement of furniture and partitions. Once we know the layout we work towards designing individual rooms or cabins. This includes flooring, ceiling, walls highlighting and furniture designs. Once the designs are finalized, working drawing of all requisites is given which will include all details pertaining to flooring, furniture, electrical, plumbing, ceiling & paint job.


We also  assist you in finding your building problems and we satiate you with apposite solution to your building problem. We also guide you in material selection and its uses within your entire complex. We offer a list of material to opt you for your complex. The purchase is done directly from the market. We are ready to work with your labor to provide them guidelines for construction or we can also introduce separate team e.g. Carpenter, POP, plumber etc. throughout the construction. The negotiation and payment is direct in this case. In total, we try to keep our business transparent so that at the end you actually know where every hard earned penny has been spent.


Supervision is as and when required. It is not on daily basis. We have our own supervisors who as per requirement visit the site to check the quality of work in progress & also assist the labor to give instruction while constructing the complex. Besides, checking of bills of quantities of works, construction qualities are also done by our firm.